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Acid-fast bacterium | definition of acid-fast bacterium by Medical dictionary

acid-fast bacterium

Definition of acid-fast bacterium in the Medical Dictionary by The Free Dictionary

waterbears, moss pigletsor tardigrades

waterbears, moss pigletsor tardigrades

waterbears, moss pigletsor tardigrades

Bar charts quickstudy microbiology

Bar charts quickstudy microbiology

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Aspergillus versicolor

Aspergillus versicolor - Chaetomium Queen

The microscopic morphology of Aspergillus versicolor is very interesting. The first time I saw this species, I thought I was looking at a mixed slide. This species forms the typical swollen Aspergillus heads that we're used to seeing, but also forms smaller conidial heads that resemble penicilli.

How to Find and Care for a Pet Tardigrade (Water Bear)

"Water bears" is a colloquial name for tiny multicellular critters that have always delighted microscopists. They are properly called tardigrades ("slow walkers"), and with four pairs of stumpy legs and lumbering gait, they do look a...

Amazing Microscopic HD Video! Paramecium Feeding!!

The oral groove, gullet and the filling and detachment of the food vacuole are clearly visable in this video

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Meio de identificação IAL / Rugai

Conhecida como meio IAL (Instituto Adolfo Lutz), a série bioquímica composta por nove provas foi inicialmente desenvolvida em 1972, por Pe...

Amoeba swallowing paramecium

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Internal anatomy of a tardigrade | Discovery! | Pinterest ...

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Internal anatomy of a tardigrade | Discovery! | Pinterest ...

There could be as many as 100 to 200 billion galaxies in the observable universe. Here are some of the most fascinating.

How Does The Large Hadron Collider Work? [Infographic]

Having discovered the Higgs boson in 2012, the Large Hadron Collider has already made quite a name for itself. But how does the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator actually work?

Aspergillus fumigatus 1

All Fungi | Fungi of Great Britain and Ireland

Amoeba Feeds! - YouTube (Module #3)

Amoeba Feeds!

An amoeba engulfing a single celled protist called chilomonas. This video was originally filmed in 2001. Just in late 2019 I was able to capture a much bette...