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8 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Cooking On A Gas Stove Top - The Daily Meal
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4 Effective Ways to Wash Fresh Strawberries
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6.1M views · 86K reactions | Be a smart cookie and use these holiday cookie decorating hacks! | Be a smart cookie and use these holiday cookie decorating hacks! | By So Yummy | Facebook
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3.4M views · 114K reactions | Cuisiner n'a jamais été aussi facile avec ces astuces géniales pour la cuisine ! | Cuisiner n'a jamais été aussi facile avec ces astuces géniales pour la cuisine ! | By BRICO ADOS | Facebook
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Why Using The Shiny Side Of Parchment Paper Actually Matters
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38M views · 1M reactions | Household tips & tricks to make life easier | Household tips & tricks to make life easier | By The Gooch | Grab your kitchen syringe, press it firmly into your favorite bread, your favorite lunch meat, and your cheese followed by some tomato, lettuce, and then finish it off with one more piece of bread. Take your cocktail toothpick. Press it firmly up into the syringe and press it out. Perfect for family dinners and office parties. We've been boiling pasta wrong. Place your strainer into the boiling water. Drop in your pasta. Bring it to a rolling boil and cook to your liking. Perfectly boiled pasta. Don't do this. Do this to dispose of cooking grease. Place a bowl into the sink lined with aluminum foil, pour in your hot grease and set aside until cool then toss into the trash. We've been steaming broccoli wrong. Place your head of broccoli into a pot of boiling water, remove it after it's cool and it slices like butter. You are going to thank me for this breakfast bacon hack. Only using half the pack of bacon? Just cut it right down the center and place the sleeve over itself and toss it into the fridge. You are going to love my bacon and egg flip sandwich. Pour your eggs into the skillet then add two slices of bread, slice up an avocado, then you want to flip the base so it doesn't burn. Add on two slices of cheese, your sliced avocados, and then your bacon, fold in the sides, then flip your sandwich, and enjoy. Perfect breakfast sandwich. This is how I prevent my sliced apple from turning brown before lunch time. Simply place a rubber band around to hold it into place. I hope you're enjoying these household tips and tricks. Let me in the comments which ones are your favorites. This chip bag is one of mine. You are going to thank me for this egg salad sandwich hack. Grab your hair comb, press it firmly down into the hard-boiled egg, make a cut through every single tooth, add your mustard, add your mayo, wrap that up for the perfect egg salad sandwich. We've been opening ricotta cheese wrong. Take your kitchen knife, poke a hole in the bottom of the container, give it a squeeze, and voila. Grab your kitchen comb, place it firmly into the ricotta cheese, take your knife, and make a slice through every other tooth. Perfectly slice ricotta cheese. You are going to thank me for this potato peeling hack. Using your kitchen scissors, just score the entire potato all the way around. Drop into a bath of boiling water, remove, drop into an ice bucket. Once cooled, just take it out and give itself a pull. Perfectly peeled potatoes. You're going to thank me for this tomato ketchup hack. Take the lid of your tomato, place it upside down, and just press a hole right into the seal. Perfectly poured ketchup. You are going to thank me for this mashed potato hack. Take a boiled potato, cut it in half, place your wire rack over a bowl, and just give the potato a good hand press. Perfectly skinned and mashed potatoes. You are going to thank me for this bartender secret. Place fresh orange slices into a large ice cube tray and then simply pour in bottled water until full. Once filled, place into the freezer, remove, and enjoy your beverage with orange essence. We've been slicing pineapples wrong. Cut a pineapple in half, slice along the grain in both directions. Now, you've got a perfectly speared pineapple. Find the center, put it on the edge, and then Voila.
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195K views · 4.6K shares | Rosemary Salt 🌿🧂 - 12+ sprigs of rosemary - 6 sprigs of thyme - 6 cloves of garlic - 3 pieces of peeled ginger - 1 lemon (skin only) - 1/2 cup coarse salt 1. Blend everything in a food processor until well ground 2. Dehydrate on silicone/parchment at 200°F for 2 hours 3. Run through food processor for 1-2 minutes until a powder forms, then sift the powder to filter out any remaining large pieces 4. Store in an airtight container on your shelf I saw @thatdude_cancook do this on TT during the pandemic (albeit minus the dehydration part) and I've been making it every year since (usually more than once a year tbh). This works great as an all-around seasoning and can be used on many different meats and vegetables. Definitely worth the time and effort in my humble opinion! #homemade #easyrecipes #seasonings #rosemary #salt #rosemarysalt #holidayinspo #giftgiving #mostwonderfultimeoftheyear #annualreminder #herbal #spiceblend #spiceking #spiceupyourlife #foodthoughts #cheftalk #instafood #kitchentable #tisrare #foodlove #spiceofficial #seasonyourfood | Misha | tisrarewegetout · Original audio
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The Best and Worst Cooking Oils for Your Health