I love this idea for a couples tattoo! Normally I don't like the idea of couples tattoos, but this is cute; a king and queen crown for each of us :)


_ birds & quote tattoo shoulder tattoo _ "sometimes you've gotta fall before you fly"


"Honesty is key". I have this thing for keys and I really believe that the key to anything real is honesty, so it's just amazing. I need this tattoo! I'm sorry to whoever I copy, which isn't my style.

live free

Live Free Tattoo with bird tattoo - Freaking LOVE this tattoo! Maybe say believe instead of live free?

Βόλος (Volos) στην πόλη Μαγνησία, Μαγνησία

Βόλος (Volos) στην πόλη Μαγνησία, Μαγνησία