Hong Kong

What a fascinating city! it never sleeps and the beauty is outstanding. Also, the Star Ferry is just fun along with the Stanley Market. What a blessing to have been able to visit Hong Kong. The Streets of Hong Kong

Victoria harbour, Hong Kong

Victoria harbour, Hong Kong -- was so charming seeing this red-sailed boat crossing the harbor.

Hong Kong

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Hong Kong

Night view with Hong Kong International Commerce Center Tower(ICC) and International Financial Centre (IFC). Had a great time in Hong Kong, did some wonderful shopping, eating, had some great massages.

Jiulong Waterfall - Hong Kong

Jiulong Waterfall - Hong Kong, places to visit travel guide, travel ideas, luxury destinations, expensive traveling

The Car Park Tower, Hong Kong

Alternative Car Park Tower 01 Alternative architecture of car park in Hong Kong. Project winner of Alternative Car Park Tower Mozhao Studio .

Hong Kong. looking forward to being here.

Though this Buddha was built in it's a major Hong Kong attraction that draws visitors from all over Asia. There are 268 steps.

Shek O Beach, Hong Kong

Shek O Beach, Hong Kong, photograph by Frédéric D. * 1500 free paper dolls and toys Chinese paper dolls at The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel, also free Chinese toys at Arielle Gabriels The Internaitonal Paper Doll Society *

Hong Kong

I spent just a few days in Hong Kong in October while on set for a film. The city is frenetic and crazy but has an incredible energy. It’s a magical place and I hope …