Monuments - Μνημεία

Monuments in Greece - Μνημεία στην Ελλάδα
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Mansion Kapanci - Thessaloniki - Thessaloniki - #Greece

Mansion Kapanci - Thessaloniki - Thessaloniki - a building with history

Achiropiitos Church - Thessaloniki - Thessaloniki - #Greece

The Achiropiitos Church as well as the church of Agia Sofia and of St Dimitrios are the most important early Christian monuments of Thessaloniki.

Villa Modiano - Thessaloniki - Thessaloniki - #Greece

Villa Modiano - Modiano was one of the rich jewish families in the city. Today houses the Ethnological Museum of Macedonia.

St Dimitrios - Thessaloniki - Thessaloniki - #Greece

The church of St Dimitrios in the centre of Thessaloniki, close to the Roman Agora, is one of the most important monuments of the city. Initially it was a small temple, which was built on a Roman bath, where St Dimitrios was tortured.

Villa Allatini - Thessaloniki - Thessaloniki - #Greece

The Villa Allatini was built in 1888 by the architect Vitaliano Poselli as the country residence of Allatini family. During the period it was used as house and prison of Sultan Ablul Hamid the whereas in 1926 it housed the University of Thessaloniki.

Petrified forest of Lesvos - Lesvos - Lesvos - #Greece

The petrified forest is located in the western part of Lesvos, which is a protected area. The forest is one of the two largest petrified forests in the world and is of great scientific importance.

Agia Sofia - Thessaloniki - Thessaloniki - #Greece

The church of Agia Sofia as well as the church of St Dimitrios and Achiropiitos are the most important early Christian monuments of Thessaloniki. The church has many similarities with Agia Sofia of Constantinople.

Villa Mordoh - Thessaloniki - Thessaloniki - #Greece

The Villa Mordoh was built by the architect Xenophon Paionidis in 1905 for the Turk commander Seifoulah Pasha. In 1923 was sold to the Shalom brothers and then to the Mordoh family and was inhabited until (EN)

Plaka Bridge - Plaka - Ioannina - #Greece

The famous one-arched Plaka Bridge in Hepirus, Greece, that recently collapsed due to heavy rain, by Vassiliki Katsarou

Villa Kapanci - Thessaloniki - Thessaloniki - #Greece

The"Ahmet Kapantzi Mansion"It was built in 1890 by Italian architect Pietro Arrigoni for wealthy Thessaloniki-born Ottoman merchant Ahmet Kapanci.

Arta's Bridge - Arta - Arta - #Greece

Το Γεφύρι της Άρτας - Bridge of Arta - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Villa Bianca - Thessaloniki - Thessaloniki - #Greece

The Villa Bianca was build between by the arcitect Pietro Arrigoni as the house of the Diaz-Fernandez family. Today, it belongs to the City of Thessaloniki and it ismainly used for cultural events.