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Nature in Greece - Φύση στην Ελλάδα
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Ski Centre Vora (Kaimaktsalan) - Agios Athanasios - Pella - #Greece

Ski Centre Vora (Kaimaktsalan) is one of the wildest and most beautiful ski resorts in the country. It is located in Mt Voras, 49 km away from the city of Edessa and 140 km from Thessaloniki .

Cave Alistrati - Alistrati - Serres - #Greece

Serres, Greece - The Macedonian City That You Should Visit - Cave of Alistrati

Lake Kerkini - Kerkini - Serres - #Greece

Lake Kerkini, is an artificial reservoir that was created in and then redeveloped in on the site of what was previously an extremely extensive marshland.

Ski resort Elatochori - Katerini - Pieria - #Greece

Ski resort Elatochori - Katerini - Pieria - #Greece

Ski center 3-5 Pigadia - Naousa - Imathia - #Greece

The ski center Pigadia" is located at an altitude of 1430 – 2005 m., 103 km away from Thessaloniki. It is one of the most famous winter resorts in Greece, with modern athletic and touristic facilities.