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pez-artwork Bubbaldrin

Dimensions: 22 x 16 cm original sketch from his sketch book all in pencil Year 2013 a rare opportunity to buy from an artists sketch book.

Children fetch a high price on the market, but she knows of no other way to make the spell work.  By Blaž Porenta

Hansel and Gretel Picture horror, skull, witch, candy, fairy tale)

☆ Zom-4 :¦: Artist Travis Pitts ☆

This picture would be useful as you could copy the amount of line work he's used in the drawing. We can also see how he's done the ripped clothing and also the decaying flesh. His eyes have a dead look which looks very effective.

Zombie Raven I would ♥ getting a zombie raven tattooed to represent my son DRAVEN for two reasons 1)his name comes from the movie "The Crow" 2)he's obsessed with zombies!

Zombie Raven I would ♥ getting a zombie raven tattoo I LOVE zombies and I LOVE ravens ^-^

tim burton art | Tim Burton artwork heading to L.A. - Sacramento Comic Books | Examiner ...

Tim Burton - The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories sketch, . I loved this book - hopefully one of the girls still has it.

Master of Puppets by chibogfud

Based off my God of Creative Juices illustration. Probably going to be another tee design. It's up for voting on threadless now:

Skulls: #Skull.

Bell, book candle with a bonus skull. It's like gothic bingo. Gothic still life: Classic

Carlos Torres Art | Death of Filigree

(love the hemline - change her posture to more realistically dramatic -- embodiment of grief or regret? Goddess of (negative situation/emotion)?

awesome idea for halloween decoration / skulls painting by cindy wright Kind of pirate like

The Scarecrow by David Finch

Batman has been captured by the Scarecrow, who wants the Dark Knight to be his guinea pig for the ultimate fear toxin. Plus, more revelations about the Scarecrow's past!

Urban faery - Cernunnos, the Horned God by Midnight-digital, Chris Dessaigne

Urban faery - Cernunnos, the Horned God by Midnight-digital, Chris Dessaigne. (Love the art photography).