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Alex Wagner

Alex Wagner
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A Visit To STP Watch Movement Manufacture: Fossil Group’s Answer To ETA

A look inside the facilities of STP that makes Swiss-Made mechanical watch movements for Fossil, Zodiac, and other watch companies.

$2,000,000 Million Cognac

Aged for 100 years, the Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac retails for about 2 million USD per bottle. The high price, which earned a Guinness World Record for most expensive alcohol cognac, includes a gold and platinum bottle with diamonds.

My design inspiration: Mason Black Marble Round Watch on Fab.

Sleek and solid, the Black Marble Round Watch fuses masonry and chronometry in a lightweight timepiece. Made by the Analog Watch Co. from genuine black marble, this watch has only the bare essentials, accentuating the stone’s natural details.


U-Boat Classico 55 1001 Meter Orange. This is one bad watch. I mean "bad" as in "stoopid!" Meaning "stoopid" as in " Da Bomb," or "Dope" or "Fresh" or "tight" or "so money," or what-the-hell-ever. It's a nice damn watch.