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How do I make "simple textures" more professional looking? - Polycount Forum

So I'm putting together a very special environment I've been working hard on the past few weeks (yay!), however, at the texturing phase, I'm very frustrated with my results.

A Visit To STP Watch Movement Manufacture: Fossil Group’s Answer To ETA

On January a new regulation will go into place concerning what qualifies a watch as "Swiss Made." You see, in the eyes of Swiss regulators and many consumers, previous regulations, which required at least of a watch's read more.

$2,000,000 Million Cognac

Aged for 100 years, the Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac retails for about 2 million USD per bottle. The high price, which earned a Guinness World Record for most expensive alcohol cognac, includes a gold and platinum bottle with diamonds.

My design inspiration: Mason Black Marble Round Watch on Fab.

Discover Analog Watch Co. and other everyday design products at great prices on Fab, connect with the world's most exciting designers and share your favorite product from the Analog Watch Co.


U-Boat Classico 55 1001 Meter Orange. This is one bad watch. I mean "bad" as in "stoopid!" Meaning "stoopid" as in " Da Bomb," or "Dope" or "Fresh" or "tight" or "so money," or what-the-hell-ever. It's a nice damn watch.

INVISIUM CONCEPT WATCH by Paweł Czyżewski, via Behance

Maya has a watch, but in addition to telling time, when she's in the past, it counts down to crucial events

HUBLOT Formula 1 King Power Interlagos Watch

Hublot King Power Interlagos Watch Limited, Numbered edition of 250 pieces carbon fiber case, ceramic “brake disc” style bezel, automatic mechanical chronograph movement, horback alligator strap with cobalt blue stitching