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"I couldn't decide which book to i brought all of them" -me
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girl in pieces

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how it feels to float

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conrad fisher aesthetic︱the summer i turned pretty by jenny han

the summer i turned pretty

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we were liars + e. lockhart + summer + booktok + book recommendations + book recs + for you + book pinterest + romance book + mystery + cady and gat

we were liars

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everything, everything

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turtles all the way down

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notes from beautiful girls

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james & augustine | folklore | #august #summer | “so much for summer love” — “just a summer thing” | 17 | HS | Taylor Swift

we are okay

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the way i used to be

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she gets the girl

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this one is just sort of whimsicle, but I love the models arch in her neck and back. I dont think the photo would have worked otherwise.

if only i had told her

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i'll give you the sun

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you've reached sam

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eleanor and park

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the bell jar

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the outsiders

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daisy jones and the six

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on earth we're briefly gorgeous

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every last word

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will grayson

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love letters to the dead

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aristotle and dante

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i am the bad decision on We Heart It

girls on fire

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i wish you all the best

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