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Adding the house with the stylish wood pallet table along feature of storage in it is the utmost demand of the house owners. Majority of the wood pallet tables do not involve the service of the storage in it. But you can take the advantage of the storage portion for storing important accessories.
Ok, disclaimer - the living and dining room are not 100% done. From a construction standpoint they are finished, but we still have lots of smaller things to complete. For the dining room, this mean...
Illuminated Pallet Bed  theownerbuilderne...  Talk about 'mood lighting'! This i... -
Wood Pallet Bed with Storage Drawers
Sofa + table
Bonetti kozerski - Lounge sofa
There are many items in a home which can be created by hand, not just for saving money; but for showing how creative you are. Handmade items always inspire the viewers, especially if they are created recycling wood pallets because they are useless for most of the individuals and they throw it away instead of keeping them safely and restyling them into the stylish products. We always try to present an idea which is different in looks and innovative in style, so we are again here with an…
Rustic Look Giant Pallet Bed with Storage
Need a new bed? Getting a new bed can cost you a lot of money, and searching for one that will suit your taste can take a long time. So instead of spending a lot of your hard-earned money on a new bed, why not make your own, and get the design you truly desire! Would you like to have one of these platform beds?
I really enjoy making cocoon sweaters. They’re super easy to make and there are endless possibilities. Trust me when I say, any crocheter can make this sweater! If you can crochet a rectangle, you can make a cocoon sweater. I am obsessed with the yarn I used for this project. I used Yarn Bee’s Urban Chic in Gray. I love everything about it… the colors, the feel, the weight… everything! The stitch I used is called the Open Filet Net Stitch. It’s basically the granite stitch, but with double…