BA(Hons) Product Design

18 Pins
an orange and white cell phone with various images on it's display side by side
product design
a red and white truck with some sort of equipment on it's flatbed
product design
Shave equipment Film Posters, Equipment, Movie Posters
Shave equipment
an advertisement for a computer system with instructions on how to use the device and its components
there is a ladder that is in the middle of a room with people walking around
an advertisement for a new computer system in the middle of several different stages of development
MP3 player
an orange phone booth stands next to a silver pole with two red phones on it
Phone Box
four different views of a toy car with wheels
Clean Vehicle
a small red car is parked on the side of the road next to an ocean
the instructions for an electric scooter are shown in green and white letters, including symbols
Kartas Sakis
an advertisement for a cell phone with the text elevator panel on it's side
Trakidou Nelly
an advertisement for a product with the words gillette on it and its contents labeled
Kartas Sakis
Podhorski Marta Fashion, Bucket Hat
Podhorski Marta
a blue man sitting on top of an orange and green object with the words simple, easy and fun
Trakidou Nelly, Toy for children
an artistic rendering of a metal bench and some sort of wall or floor divider
Trakidou Nelly