Angeliki Bairaktari

Angeliki Bairaktari

Angeliki Bairaktari
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Objects Inspired by Japanese Tradition for the Modern Nomad

Gerardo Osio created a series of transportable objects inspired by Japanese culture designed to be taken from place to place so you always feel at home.

Stationary by Normann Copenhagen. Read Five Design Brands launching accessories at Dezeen.

Inspired by trends in both fashion and interior design, the Daily Fiction collection features four gorgeous abstract terrazzo prints. Developed in collaboration with design agency Femmes Régionales.

The Corner by Bower Architecture

See pictures of the Corner House (Melbourne, Australia), designed by Bower Architecture. Discover stylish architecture and interior design ideas for your home.

Icco_2-lamper by Nicolajbo

The Platonic Shades are a series of pendant lamps created as sources of light as well as sculptural objects.

Kekkilä Green Shed  / Linda Bergroth  + Ville Hara. Pure bliss!

A modular greenhouse/storage shed combination is the result of a collaborative effort between two Finnish companies: Avanto Architects and Kekkilä Garden. With potential use as a beautiful green space or an enchanting natural escape, the versatile.