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a white stuffed rabbit sitting in front of a white background with the caption's name on it
a wooden shelf with key hooks and a house on it, hanging from the wall
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a white vase with flowers in it on a gray surface and the face of a cat made out of clay
Вазы: Счастливая Кошка
Если Кошка( Кот) довольна и счастлива, то у неё могут даже зацвести усы Ваза сделана из белого фаянса, сверху покрыта красивой бело- бежевой глазурью с мерцающими вкраплениями. В щеках кошки по три дырочки с каждой стороны для травок или мелких цветов. Ваза прошла двухкратный обжиг в печи. Внутрь вазы можно наливать воду.
two elephant figurines sitting on top of a wooden table
Contemporary Furniture | Stylish Lighting | Modern Home Decor
Product Description ‰ۢ Product Dimensions: 4.5" x 5" x 15" T ‰ۢ Sold in Boxes of: 1 Each ‰ۢ SKU: CBL1009 ‰ۢ Brand: Kalalou Returns & Exchanges Non-returnable. Damaged items will be replaced. See full return policy
a white pitcher with two little rabbits on it and flowers in the basket behind it
Other Celebrations & Occasions for sale | eBay
a wooden shelf with keys and houses hanging on it's sides next to flowers
Bathroom Shelves Cartoon Solid Wood Key Storage Holder Rack Indoor Porch Wall Hanging Hat Bag Coat Hanger Home Entrance Decor Decorative Hook 230703
two ceramic sculptures made to look like houses on top of each other with clouds above them
a white birdhouse hanging from a string with a small figure in the bottom right corner
Caroline Paul Céramique
Caroline Paul Céramique
three clay houses sitting on top of a white table next to each other with windows and ladders
Miniature Ceramic Houses Rustic Home Decor Ceramic - Etsy Israel
some green ceramic pieces hanging from strings on a wall with string attached to the sides
a plant hanging on the side of a wall
two black and white ghost figurines sitting next to each other on a table
DIY Clay Ghosts
two small ceramic vases sitting next to each other on a white surface with polka dots
Wielkanoc DIY
several white vases with animals on them sitting next to each other in front of one another
Marsz do pieca!
three ceramic cones with designs on them are sitting on a shelf in front of a brick wall
a white statue sitting on top of a cement ball with hearts cut out of it
a woman in an apron is decorating a clay animal statue with paint and plastic utensils