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Forcing bulbs in water and rocks

Forcing bulbs in water and rocks

Forcing bulbs in water and rocks

Place bulbs shoulder to shoulder across the surface of the soil, leaving no space between them. Then top off with more potting soil so the bulbs are just slightly below the surface. Water each container thoroughly, and finish with a layer of mulch. Leave pots outdoors for winter chilling. The more exposure to cold the bulbs get, the better they’ll bloom. In the South, bulbs in containers will bloom better than bulbs in the ground because cold air envelopes the pots, reaching all of the soil.

"Sandwich" Bulbs for Six Weeks of Blooms

Follow this container recipe for continuous spring color

Autumn is the perfect time to plant spring bulbs. Whether you are lining your garden bed or have a patio garden and want to plant bulbs in containers, remember you can stack bulbs which will delight you this spring with more blooms.


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The Elements of Great Landscape Design

Want to make your garden more memorable? Incorporate these simple, yet critical, landscape design ideas.

Through the looking glass: For a distinctive look, force bulbs in tall glass containers. Don’t assume the bulbs should be in the pot and the blooms should reach all the way outside it.

How To Force Bulbs for Gorgeous Indoor Bloom and Color

Paperwhites are in indoor flower and grow best during the winter! They put off a strong scent, so many suggest planting one bulb at a time beginning in November so that you can have them through Christmas and into February.

DIY: Bottle-Fed Paperwhites - Gardenista

Chilly weather means that I spend a lot more time inside than I'd like to. Happily, I've found one January treat that brightens even my most homebound days

Blue hyacinth in rattan baskets plant bulbs in fall for spring bloom


Blue hyacinth in rattan baskets plant bulbs in fall for spring bloom

This shape of container keeps amaryllis foliage from flopping over. Clear glass & natural stones is a nice variation

Amaryllis Bulbs

The following picture is scanned from the latest White Flower Farm catalog. Click link to see the actual page. Note that this bulb is in a vase of pebbles. Years ago I bought a bunch of amaryllis b…

Holt Organic Farm in Spring

Holt Organic Farm in Spring

By April, the gravel garden at Holt Organic Farm has blossom and spring bulbs — tulips, allium and meadow camassias

Beautiful Tulips, fill all the pails and containers and put them at different heights...makes a lovely showing.

Det kan stadig nås

I mange bøger står der, at forårsløg helst skal lægges i september/oktober, men det er stadig ikke for sent, selv om det nu er december. Tilmed er der løg på tilbud mange steder til billige penge, fordi lagrene skal ryddes. I dag har vi haft travlt med at lægge løg i krukker og kar, og som I kan se af billederne her, har der været hektisk aktivitet. Krokus, narcisser, tulipaner, hyacinter, prydløg og meget mere – i industrielle mængder – er lagt side ved side. De skal pynte nede ved vejen og…