Edible chocolate cups filled with a spicy chocolate mousse . Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a chocolate cup in under 60 minutes by cooking, baking, decorating food, and mixing drinks with chocolate. Recipe posted by Jane K.

In Empty Bottles Let your neighborhood pasta joint decorate with candles in wax-covered Chianti jugs. Choose bottles and jars with interesting shapes and colors to hold taper candles on a table or a mantel.

Elegantly Eerie Accessories Cake Stand: Iacoli McAllister repurposes vintage candlesticks into pretty pedestals. Read more: Last Minute Halloween Decoration Ideas - Halloween Party Decorations - Country Living


Here is an idea for the ikea water bottle. Forget the lace and we put burlap around it. Could stencil burlap with table number. That would be unique, rustic and include burlap on each table.