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into exercise

Low impact circuit workout when recovering from an illness or injury. Im doing this workout today to ease back into exercise after my surgery. When recovering, listen to your body and skip it if it hurts.

Kettlebell exercises!

30 minute kettle bell workout Set your interval timer for 30 seconds work, 20 seconds rest. Do 5 times: Kettlebell Swings Windmills - left Windmills - right Kettlebell Swing Punches Russian Twists Goblet Squats

Some kettlebell exercises

Power Systems Kettlebell Training Poster, Kettlebell Training Poster features 12 kettlebell exercises and shows the starting and finishing position of each along with bullet point instructions for proper execution.

Kettlebell Cardio

Ejercicios - Fitness - Kettlebell Cardio Workout -- takes 30 minutes and you'll need a heavy and lighter kettlebell and jump rope.


kettlebell, but all of these could easily be done with any hand weight, including a big can of food Check out Dieting Digest

Kettlebell Exercises

Drop the dumbbells. Here are 22 kettlebell exercises that’ll give the whole body a killer workout. - now I just need a kettle bell :)