Handcrafted quilted jewellery / candy boxes / pillowcases and more..

Quilted jewelry boxes, candy boxes and candleholders, pillowcase ideas etc... Perfect gift idea
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a pink quilted wall hanging with an intricate flower design on the front and center
International Sewing Patterns
Ombre folded fabric.
a pink pillow sitting on top of a black table
Somerset patchwork folded star
Somerset patchwork folded star
two decorative pillows sitting on top of a couch next to a basket filled with flowers
For tutorials, look up in YouTube "Somerset Patchwork" and go from there.
a quilted table top with red berries and green leaves on the edge, in an oval pattern
These Fabric Boxes are a Breeze to Make - Quilting Digest
Folded Christmas Sta
two decorative heart shaped boxes sitting next to each other
Šperkovnice -(patchwork) moja záľuba vo voľnom čase
a decorated candle sits on top of a wooden table
Vianočné svietniky / Rosy - SAShE.sk
- Vianočné svietniky - 3500904
four pictures of green and yellow vases with diamonds on the top one has a candle in it
Svietnik / Ivettulka - SAShE.sk
Ivettulka / Svietnik
three heart shaped cakes sitting on top of a wooden table
a blue heart shaped box sitting on top of a wooden floor
falošný patchwork
Resultado de imagen de falošný patchwork
two purple and white heart shaped boxes on a green surface
falošný patchwork veľkonočné vajíčka - Hľadať Googlom
two pictures of an intricately designed bowl
Album používateľky chlebka | Modrykonik.sk