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Superman 2

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Christopher Reeve as Superman. Doesn't get more Super than this!!! Superman Movies, Superman Art, Superman Family, Superman Man Of Steel, Dc Movies, Real Superman, Superman Logo, Comic Movies, Superhero Movies
Behind The Scenes - CHRISTOPHER REEVE, GENE HACKMAN, SUPERMAN IV 4 THE QUEST FOR PEACE, JACKIE COOPER, MARC McCLURE, MARIEL HEMINGWAY, JON CRYER, SM WANAMAKER, MARK PILLOW, CLIVE MANTLE, DAMIEN McLAWHORN, MARGOT KIDDER AS LOIS LANE, DIRECTED BY SIDNEY J FURIE, A WARNER BROS RELEASE, A CANNON PRODUCTION, Deleted, Cut, Scenes, video, nuclear, man, 1, 2, 4, lenny, luthor, lex, lacy, warfield, mr., perry, white, jimmy, olsen, lois, lane, jeremy, damian, mclawhorn, menahem, golan, globus, yoram, russia, ussr, u.s.s.r., milton, keynes, shepperton, london, england, 1987, newspaper, magazine, starlog, review, reviews, reeves, promotional, home, articles, johnny, ball, johnny, children in need, press, junket, television, workprint, orange county, 134, minutes, 94, 90, preview, tv. t.v., spot, trailer, teaser, cd, soundtrack, pentagon, kremlin, smallville, metropolis, united, nations, states, susannah, york, marlon brando, jor-el, jor, el, jorel, lara, krypton, richard, donner, movie, film, 1978, salkind, ii, II, hornsby, whole lotta shakin' goin' on, lot, of, shaking, going, jerry, lee, lewis, hyatt, fortress, solitude, can, you, read, my, mind, dixie, trixie, double, date, change, super, great, wall, china, mount, mt, edna, italy, lava, volcano, frozen, freeze, heat, vission, x-ray, xray, x ray, metro, club, radiation, radioactive, moon, battle, fight, reactor, daily, planet, hostile, take, over, dance, dancing, boys, town, tornado, jenny, alexandra, budget, masters, universe, 17, million, 40, elementary, school, flight, extended, director's, alternate, farm, ma, pa, kent, kal, kal-el, el, kalel, jonathan, martha, ford, glenn, phillys, thaxter, cemetary, cemetery, barn, green, crystal, artic, north, pole, tundra, ice, crystals, memory, new, york, ny, news, hot, dog, vendor, wires, blue, red, yellow, curtains, rock, space, poster, link, still, stills, gallery, home, spaceship, ship, earth, crash, baby, field, summit, martin, lakin, preview, commentary, writer, clive, mantle, ron, jones, burn, money, two, half, men, 1/2, slurpee, 7, 11, seven, eleven, 7-11, 7/11, commercial, ernie, anderson, abc, network, premiere, july, 24, gae, exton, smithsonian, institute, hbo, syndication, syndicated, viacom, alexander, ilya, pierre, spengler, tom, mankiewicz, supergirl, superman, 3, slater, helen, pryor, december, 15, royal, premiere, gold, blonde, princess, diana, di, charles, prince, queen, elizabeth, david, letterman, joan, lunden, chantel, joel, good, morning, america, august, 10, paul, schafer, nbc, matthew reeve, alexandra reeve, interview, interviews, french, italian, japanese, japan, italian, italy
Christopher Reeve as Superman. Doesn't get more Super than this!!!