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sliced oranges and cucumbers are in a pitcher
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Starbucks Knock-Off Chai Tea Latte
four pictures showing different stages of detriting fruit in a mason jar, including lemons, blueberries, raspberries, and cucumber
Dr. BJ Hardick
Healthy flavored waters
four pictures showing different types of fruits and vegetables in mason jars with text overlay
Naturally Infused Flavored Water (Whole30, Paleo, Vegan)
Naturally Flavored Water Infused with Fruit and Herbs : Healthy Drink : Homemade Vitamin Water
several pictures of different drinks in jars with strawberries, lemons and blueberries
drink more water. New ways to drink water and still get the benefits!
four mason jars filled with different types of fruit and veggies sitting on a wooden table
Refreshing Infused Waters- i make a bunch of these at once, put them in the fridge, and have fruity waters for myself and the family for days! do all of your chopping at once and make small individual jars or large family jars. my favorite is cucumber and strawberry, my husband likes strawberry lemon, and my girls like just strawberry. i also like herbals instead of fruits- spearmint is my fave!
there are many different pictures of lemons in mason jars with mint leaves on them
Naturally Flavored Water
Pineapple Mint Flavored Water
several pictures of mason jars filled with lemons, cucumbers and ice cubes
Love Your Water More! - PositiveMed
Natural flavored water instructions. If you are finding it difficult to get enough water in, or craving the flavors of soda, these ideas may help. Fresh fruit adds flavor, vitamins, and even some filling fiber to your water intake. Try different combinations and see what works for you!
four different types of drinks in mason jars with the names victoria secrets and lemonade
Get Back on Track With Our 3-Day Detox