Mikri.Neraida22 _1D...LM

Mikri.Neraida22 _1D...LM

Kamatero Athens / ok..i am a DIRECTIONER andMIXER ........ #25/11/2012Directioner#12/09/2013Mixer# I LOVE YOU GUYS.......♥♥♥♥♥
Mikri.Neraida22 _1D...LM
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Ναι αυτα τα κεκακια οπου τα κοιτας ετσι εσυ εισαι μην το ψαχνεις...παντως ωραια φανονται... ετσι δεν ειναι Χαρι

:) Harry baked today for Red Nose Day; don't ever tell me fame changed him or that he's an asshole. He's a total sweetheart!

Κλ το καινουριο τατττουαζ του Χαρι ειναι τελειο (το τριανταφυλλο ,οι ημερομηνιες) ΤΕΛΕΙΑ

He can barely stand he is laughing so hard! <<< or he's having a hard time breathing in those tight jeans << he's holding his heart. maybe he's having a heartache but grimmy is making him laugh. <<< that pic was when he almost got hit by a car !

σε 2 ημερες απο σημερα 8α βγει το βιντεο των One Direction(δηλ.την Κυριακη)και ωρα 6 το απογευμα....το περιμενουμε ολες με ανηπονεσια...

He is pretty cute! It's adorable that they are all growing baby beards!

Louis Tomlinson story of my life.... amazing..

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αχουτο...και ειναι και καλος μς τους φανςτου

"And then he saw Ella, and picked her up, and was like ‘give me a cuddle then’ and she gave him a massive hug" (Louis with a fan) (now my eyes are leaking!

Louis Tomlinson κοιταξτε τωρα σωμα ειναι να μην...οκ...οκαι...

Louis 'the Tommo' Tomlinson.i actually think him and Zayn are just getting better looking as they've got leaner and returner a bit towards their fetus state but I will always love both of them

Louis Tomlinson.....Yeah..OMG

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