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Kamatero Athens  ·  ok..i am a DIRECTIONER andMIXER ........ #25/11/2012Directioner#12/09/2013Mixer# I LOVE YOU GUYS.......♥♥♥♥♥
Mikri.Neraida22 _1D...LM
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Louis Tomlinson story of my life.... amazing..

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αχουτο...και ειναι και καλος μς τους φανςτου

"And then he saw Ella, and picked her up, and was like ‘give me a cuddle then’ and she gave him a massive hug" (Louis with a fan) (now my eyes are leaking!

Louis Tomlinson κοιταξτε τωρα σωμα ειναι να μην...οκ...οκαι...

Seeing shirtless pictures of Louis almost makes me dislike Eleanor that she gets this wonderful specimen all to herself.but then I think how adorable and perfect together they are :) But oh hot damn Louis.

Louis Tomlinson.....Yeah..OMG

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Amazing Boys

One Direction become.ONE DIRECTION DETECTION! This is one of those videos where you don't k ow who to look at. Harry's mustache problems or Liam's weird gestures or Louis odd faces especially after the jump or Niall and zayn

OMG Harry Styles...He Is Very Beautiful Boy

"The Intoxicated - Intoxicated - Book by jetaimediox - "I go crazy when those lips aren't speaking my name.