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Adreas Stavrakis

Adreas Stavrakis
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Telrain by on @deviantART

This poster map was commissioned by the Geeks who Play who run a D&D Podcast Tales from Telrain. It's done in Photoshop and its original size is Telrain


Markhor is a wild species of wild goat that is found in northeastern Afghanistan, Pakistan and in some parts of Jammu Kashmir. It is well known as a national animal of Pakistan as well.

A Wooden Statue Twice As Old As The Pyramids Of Egypt | Earth. We are one

The Shigir Idol, A Wooden Statue Twice As Old As The Pyramids Of Egypt. Presumed to be at least twice as old as the Pyramids of Egypt, samples of the Shigir Idol have been sent to Germany for further research.

Forearm Guys Alien Triangle Tattoos

A quirky Triangle Glyph Tattoo design. You can see two triangle symbols, one which is inverted and in the design a spaceship is hovering above a forest. It also looks as if it’s summoning a body into the ship with a beam of light.