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And they are drama free :)

my horse is my best friend. he will never ditch me. he will never snitch my secret to someone else. he will always stay by my side. he will never leave as long as I'm there (with treats). he is my best friend. he is my faithful companion.

Horse quote

Millie Hatcher put this quote on a pic of you and Casper! :) (So much respect for you equestrian ladies♡ I envy you! Maybe in my next life hehe Much love.

i dread this day

So terrifying. I was worried about having to lose him, but we finally found a place (A GREAT place, less than 5 miles away) for him to stay. I cried a couple times (tears of joy!

with horses YES!

To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved. This so was my favorite place to dream on my favorite horse Ambie. Looked so much like this pic.