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a hand holding a brown and white cup with flowers painted on the outside, in front of paintbrushes
a person is painting the inside of a coffee cup with blue leaves on it and another hand holding a paintbrush
#Repost @kaylabol —— Did you catch my missed petal?🤦‍♀️😂 Thankfully I saw it and fixed it before it went in the kiln. . . . . . | Instagram
how to make ceramic soap dishes with toothbrush trick by @tonperle ! 🙈😘💚
a white ceramic bowl on top of a black plate with a silver base and leaf decoration
a black coffee mug with a tree and moon painted on the inside is sitting on a table
Glazing ceramics
A stunning piece of pottery.
Terracotta White Slip Bowl with Fern Imprint
two pictures showing the different stages of making vases with ceramic flowers and leaves on them