Ergon Greek Deli + Cuisine

Sunday's lunch by Chef Nikos Petrakis, Ergon Greek Deli + Cuisine in Skiathos.

Less is more

Open air cinemas are a blend of carefree innocence and old fashioned romance;

Izola 620

"Izola is one of the most historic brand names in Greek industrial history". A retro kitchen, and a feta-oregano cookies recipe, easy, healthy, Greek.

Ceramic tiles at the kitchen floor the old Ursulines School of Naxos

An antique kitchen stove at the renovated Ursulines School of Naxos and the veranda view of the Castle of Chora.

Traditional island floor made of pebbles & a beautifully presented Pasvantoglou recipe

A recipe to love… Sautéed bream fillet with rocket salad, roasted calamari and basil pesto sauce… (Really, you have to try it!) by Kyriakos Pasvantoglou, Chef of San Antonio Hotel

The kitchen stove

The kitchen stove …At the old Ursuline School of Naxos

Izola 620: design and comfortable living with a 50s optimism

Izola design and comfortable living with a optimism

About designers and old lace

About designers and old lace