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a curved wooden bench sitting in the middle of a park with people walking around it
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an outdoor garden is shown with water and plants in the center, surrounded by concrete benches
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three wooden benches made out of logs in the sand
Zig-Zag balance challenge #kids #backyard #playscapes
a set of wooden stairs made out of logs and chains in a grassy area with trees behind them
Agility Trails for tourist destinations | wooden play by Caledonia Play
Wobble Step Bridge -- several cool ideas for an activity/agility trail from a company in Scotland
an aerial view of a courtyard with chess boards and trees
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people doing different activities in an open air gym
slow ottawa on X
an aerial view of a patio with tables and chairs
Gallery of Naos Business Campus / Arquitectura en Estudio - 25
Image 25 of 33 from gallery of Naos Business Campus / Arquitectura en Estudio. Photograph by Llano Fotografía
an overview of the garden design
최상위권 운영진들이 주관하는 써밋 트레이딩 :: Summit Trading - 써밋 트레이딩
Spatial design is a wonderful way to define your garden spaces and determine planting bed locations. Luckily there is a process to lead us through this exciting design journey. A few weeks ago I began introducing the design process through bubble diagrams, then garden structure studies. This post will now highlight the next step: the preliminary design. The preliminary design builds on the garden structure study by adding the location of plant and hardscape materials, though plants a...
an aerial view of a building with lots of green plants on the roof and walkways
Paisagismo USA
an aerial view of a city with trees and buildings
URBAN PARK DESIGN | Diseño urbano arquitectura, Arquitectura de paisaje, Diseño de plaza
PROJETO PARQUE URBANO - conceito de paisagem Architects Londres:
an aerial view of a building with a smiley face on the lawn and stairs leading up to it
Havenhurst Pocket Park in West Hollywood, CA by KSA... Not that pretty but gives an ideas of how to zone a small space.
an aerial view of a park with stairs and trees
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LAB is founded from the belief that landscape architecture plays an essential role in the development of human settlement and its environment: a belief that is fundamental in shaping culture expression #ad
an aerial view of a parking lot with cars parked in it
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two people walking down a path in the middle of a park
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an aerial view of a skateboard park with ramps and trees on the other side
Curved seat is complete - Place Laboratory
This contemporary curved bench seat in the landscape is so smart. Can you imagine relaxing and kicking back in the afternoon sun. The form would also work well with exposed aggregate concrete. If done in this treatment it would then double as a skatepark with a deck and ramp. This form would also work well in a school environment where the teacher could take an outdoor class. Critic by John Dodd L'scape Arch.