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14 Simple ingredient swaps for a tasty vegan menu.

Eating vegan is easy and delicious. Try a few of these simple ingredient swaps for vegan options. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

10 Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas on Love the Day

Dwellings By DeVore: Budget Friendly Minnie Mouse Party

Rainbow fruit | Wedding & Party Ideas | 100 Layer Cake

The perfect treat for a littles birthday! Just pop the fruit of the sticks for the little ones and you have a stylish yet healthy snack!

Сыр Эдам

Сыр Эдам

Visual motor activity. Child walks on a thin colored string. uses visual and motor abilities.

(large motor skill)A fun creative way to build SO many skills (balance, kinestethia, visual motor, self-regulation).

Pipe cleaner colander activity

5 Genius Ways To Keep Toddlers Busy - What a great idea for fine motor skill development! And I have all the stuff needed!

Quiet activities for two year olds - threading cardboard beads

Toddler threading activity with giant cardboard beads. Could be a little project to have them paint the tubes, let them dry, and cut the tubes into smaller lengths (with some help). Add stickers for decoration and even more fine motor practice!

Hands On Activities For Young Learners

Hands On Activities For Young Learners :: fine motor skills

pencil grasp development - real life. &

how to teach young children the correct pencil grip and learn about the natural developmental stages of pencil grips.

Pencil Grip Help: "Wrap a hair tie as shown. Kids get used to doing it themselves quickly. It gently forces them to hold the pencil in the open web of their hands and the pencil with their fingertips. Do this for a few weeks, then remove the ties. By then it's become habit to hold a pencil correctly. Kids that have weak fine motor muscles in their hands are going to struggle, so do strengthening activities. That helps with control and neatness when writing." From a friend's FB post.

* Pencil Grip Help: your children will be fastly used to hold correctly the pencil. Very quickly they will feel their motor muscles less weak and their fingers tip totally adapted to the writing tool.