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four different colored eyes are shown in this drawing
LoliRock!!! Eyes By kariahearts56789
a blonde haired girl pointing at the camera
a cartoon girl with blonde hair and blue eyes is standing in front of pink stars
Lolirock iris
the princess and prince are standing next to each other in front of a black background
lolirock iris and her parents by tm6675 on DeviantArt
a cartoon girl with long blonde hair holding a pink object
lolirock lolirockiris 358258671062201 by @lovelolirock_iris
a cartoon girl in a pink dress with big blue eyes
a woman in a purple dress flying through the air with her hair blowing back and eyes closed
Lolirock hình ảnh | Icons, các hình nền and các bức ảnh on fanpop
a woman with pink hair holding a baby in her arms and looking at the camera
lolirock baby iris and her mother by tm6675 on DeviantArt