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a metal grate on a white background
Stainless Steel Korean Bbq Rectangle Grill Plate
This Korean BBQ grill rectangular plate is great to cook galbi, bulgogi or other meat. As seen in many Korean Bbq restaurants. Made to fit gas barbecue grills like below. Outer Length (cm) Inner Width (cm) Case QTY 40.5cm 26.7cm 12 pcs ** These grill plates are typically used in Korean Bbq restaurants. They are made
an industrial conveyor belt is shown on a white background
Каталог оборудования
Мангал с электроприводом "ZovTech" МЭП-1 (25 вертел/ролика)
an image of a metal door handle on a white background
CD & Video Racks for sale | eBay
HAFELE Folding Bench Bracket Tikia 750kg Load Capacity - Bright Galvanized Stee
two silver metal brackets with one holding the door and another holding the handle on each side
2PCS Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Marine Boat Folding Table Bracket 11"-US SHIP | eBay
(set of 2)Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Marine Boat Folding Table Bracket 11"
an elephant shaped object is shown on a white background
Much like paper origami art, this decorative bookend is shaped from one stamped sheet of metal before it’s epoxy coated to smooth, gray finish. Like the famous Carthaginian general who lead elephants over the alps, Hannibal will guard your books and treasures with pride.
a business card holder sitting on top of a white piece of paper next to a brown table
One of a kind business card holder made from scrap metal with just a Press brake and Shear in less than 5 minutes!
a white table with metal legs and a shelf on the bottom that has two shelves underneath it
Jamco Products XW248 2 Shelf Work Stand, 24" x 48", Stainless Steel
Jamco Products XW248 2 Shelf Work Stand, 24" x 48", Stainless Steel
a stainless steel work table with one shelf on each side and two legs at the bottom
Eagle Group Budget Series WorkTable w/ SS Top 72in x 30in Rear Upturn (eBay Link)
stacks of metal sheets stacked on top of each other
Ray Frith
Sheet metal mild steel enclosures typical of www.vandf.co.uk
a man in grey shirt and glasses working on a metal object with one hand over the top
Prototype Maschinenverkleidungen und Maschinekarroserien | Tags: Blechfertigung, Blechdesign, Maschinen Design, Industriedesign Maschine, Industrial design Maschine, industrial design machine, Machinenbau design, Maschine verkleidung
a close up view of some metal items
a stainless steel square sink on a blue background with the bottom half raised up to the floor
Custom Kitchen Sinks | Handcrafted Metal
Custom Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks # 4494