I would go this tattoo really small on the back of my neck by my hair and then put my last name going along side the wing or body

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indian delicate feather tattoo on finger

Enthralling Design Ideas and Meanings of Indian Feather Tattoos


While most people do not apprehend how authoritative rose tattoos can be, rose tattoo designs are actually the most celebrated among teens. Rose flowers are not as feminine as most people might think. Rose is…

Cute shaded roses

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Feather tattoo behind ear. So cute!

Feather tattoos inked behind the ear are popular, but this feather tattoo for girls is extra feathery and feminine-looking. The small feather tattoo is ink

Beautiful Botanical Tattoos By Salem Witch Descendant

alice carrier: was lucky enough to adorn the lovely poet julia clare tillinghast on her birthday yesterday.