Agelos Kalantzis

Agelos Kalantzis

Agelos Kalantzis
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Square Green Mug by nickdevriespottery, love the handle shape and the chop placement

Pyramid Tulipiere, Frances Palmer Pottery

Pyramid Tulipiere, Frances Palmer Pottery - i'd like to make a vase for my daughter! she loves tulips!


"林拓児「化粧焼き締めマグカップ(太)」の詳細ページです。" ----- 'It is a work that feels a delicacy in the details.' -- 林 拓児 Takuji Hayashi

The search for a mug continues! This is lovely.

Personalized Pottery Mug - Made to Order - Infused with Reiki, Made with Love - Robin's Egg Earthy Glazes - OOAK Personalized Gift

Modern tea pot

There's something personal about Alex Marshall Studios' ceramics. Perhaps it's the unique variations in the glaze or the way the pieces fit perfectly in the hand. Maybe it's their minimal asymmetrical