Vintage διαφημίσεις

Collection by Anastasia Georgaki

pond's cold cream--my mom used this every night :) sweet memories

The only cream my Granny used on her face in her 92 years and she looked incredible for her age. Hope it's in the genes!! Pond's cold cream

Αγαπημένες Δεκαετίες

Αγαπημένες Δεκαετίες

Eau de Cologne de Citrus with traces of rosemary and lavender, a spicy, ethereal scent for men and women, 4711 originated in Cologne in 1792 as a monk's secret formula for invigorating, medicinal "miracle water." This was Grandma's favourite perfume.

Hierbij denk ik aan de liefste oma van de wereld, voor altijd de mijne.

Wispy flowers or scents of my childhood and youth

NIVEA 1930

NIVEA 1930

Το e - περιοδικό μας: Υπήρχαν διαφημίσεις τη δεκαετία 1920 -1930

Υπήρχαν διαφημίσεις τη δεκαετία 1920 -1930;

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