The finished product is pretty fukkin cool, but I'm not even gonna pretend I know what's going on in the other pictures. Lmao (Cool Crafts With Paper)

στο πουθενα σου

"You push me so far away and now you can't reach me. Now you are complaining and you keep asking where I'm I. I'm here in the place you send me"

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to those who I love and love me back without obsession, to those who are not afraid that our ways will separate 'cause they know we will meet again , to those who put obstinacy . to be happy


Until day broke and a new pain was coming to save me from the old one.


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Όταν νιώθεις μοναξιά,ξύπνα με να μιλάνε...

I love you so i respect your privacy and i also respect the man who loves you too, beside you.So i must be apart and when you will need me for real,wake me up in a dream of yours.I will be there to talk you and to make you laugh my eternal secret love.