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an orange starfish in shallow water near the shore line on a clear, sunny day
Visiting France And London
Cyclades, #Greece
a sailboat in the water at night under a full moon
Full Moon Sailing
Sailing in the moonlight, Santorini island, Greece - selected by
a black and white photo with the words dance, dance to the radio on it
Dance Dance to the Radio
Dance Dance to the Radio by MongeyMongey, via Flickr
an old chair sitting in front of a sign that says joy division on the side of a building
Source: goldagainstthesurferrosa…
a black and white photo of a person with a hat on their head holding an object in front of his face
Comisariodelaluz / Music / Punk / Post Punk / New…
a man with flowers painted on his chest and shoulder, standing in front of a painting
This Ivy House
{ the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. •…
a painting of a woman with birds on her head and two cats in the background
Airpura Air Purifiers | Sylvane
Frida Kahlo paintings - self portrait. My favorite painting as a senior in…
a woman with a flower in her hair standing next to a statue
Frida Kahlo, estilo y belleza
a woman laying in the grass with her eyes closed
lauramcphee: Frida Kahlo (In the Sun), c1941 (Leo Matiz) (NeoMexicanismos)
lauramcphee: Frida Kahlo (In the Sun), c1941 (Leo Matiz) (NeoMexicanismos)
an old black and white photo of a woman laughing with her hands on the face of a man
you are a poem that breathes
Laughter, love, friendship, beauty. "Nothing is worth more than laughter"…
a black and white photo of a woman leaning against a wall with her hand on her face
My all time fave portrait of Frida Kalo UMA GRANDE MULHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Frida Kahlo | Canvas Print Frida Kahlo Portraits, Kunst, Self Portrait Artists
"Frida Kahlo" Poster for Sale by Tracie Andrews
Frida Kahlo | Canvas Print
an old photo of a woman in the water with her hand over her face and looking down
Envers du Decor
Envers du Decor…