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a bathroom with a large bathtub next to a sink and toilet in the corner
The Infinity Love!
a modern bathroom with moss growing on the wall and toilet in the corner, along with a sink
Проект недели: идеальная квартира в Санкт-Петербурге — INMYROOM
the bathroom is decorated in black and white with greenery on the wall behind it
a modern bathroom with marble walls and flooring, including a freestanding tub in the center
Banheiro Hospedes
three different views of a bathroom with black and white fixtures, including the faucet into your matt black style shower head
Damixa Silhouet. Slim. Scandinavian. Attractive.
Silhouet is slim, Scandinavian to its core and, quite simply, stunning. The design is available in both classic and touchless taps, seven beautiful colour variations and a complete Collection of bathroom accessories. You can easily combine superior functionality with materials, colours and accessories that reflect your style and the ambience you want in your home.
there is a plant in the corner of this bathroom with rocks on the floor and a shower head
Hele stoere industriële badkamer inspiratie met inloopdouche en regendouche
Antraciet zwarte wandtegels en vloertegels in een hele stoere badkamer! Te gek badkamer idee om zo veel planten in de badkamer te zetten. De inloopdouche is te gek aangekleed! Prachtige badkamer inspiratie. #skypejebadkamer
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and plants on the shelf in front of it
elegant bathroom