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#Daycation - One day trip itinerary to Venice, Italy - wish I had had this when I went to Venice.
Venice, from above More
Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy, from above
Eli Halpin
"We use magic and defy all logic." -Nerin when she takes Aila to the library
Blood vessels in the human body…
Rods (green) are long nerve cells which respond to dim light, enabling images to be detected. Cones (blue) are shorter cone-like cells which detect colour. Rods and cones pass visual signals through the optic nerve to the brain. Pigment cells block light from passing further.
"Retinoblastioma is a rapidly developing cancer that develops in the cells of retina, the light-detecting tissue of the eye. In the developed world, Rb has one of the best cure rates of all childhood cancers (95-98%), with more than nine out of every ten sufferers surviving into adulthood. The most common and obvious sign of retinoblastoma is an abnormal appearance of the pupil, leukocoria, also known as amaurotic cat's eye reflex. . .and includes deterioration of vision."