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a person is painting gold designs on white paper
Christabel Anderson: Authenticity in Sacred Art
an image of different types of symbols in the bible, including letters and numbers on them
monograms of jesus
a wooden plaque with an image of the coat of arms and cross on it sitting on a marble slab
Иконописная мастерская "Небо"
a cross painted on the side of a building
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an intricate celtic design with four interlaces in the middle and one at the top
Celtic Cross Design 3 by baalthezzar on DeviantArt
an intricate cross is shown in the shape of a celtic knot, which has been drawn by
Morphed Celtic Cross Coloring Pages | Best Place to Color
an intricate cross is shown in the shape of a celtic knot, with two intertwined sections
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a cross with an intricate design on it
deighton CG761A
an old book with ornate designs on the pages and a cross in the middle, surrounded by other symbols
Заставка. Полевое украшение; Армения. Ромкла; XII в.; памятник: Gospel (Евангелие), 1193 г. (W.538) - православные мастерские «Русская Икона
the cross is depicted in an old book
"Корсунские" врата новгородского Софийского собора (Г. Н. Бочаров) [1983 - - Памятники русской архитектуру и монументального искусства. Стиль, атрибуции, датировки]
Клеймо врат с процветшим крестом из церкви Сан Паоло Фуори ле мура в Риме. 1070 г