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If you defend animal abuse, but eating the same abuse you defend and judge others performing, makes no sense. As a meat-eating animal lover, you yourself participate in part of animal cruelty.

Horrific photo of a young poddy calf calling for his mother - who will never come . Pinned on behalf of the Australian group working so hard to eradicate animal cruelty .

4th most inteeligent animal on earth and we have put them in concentration camps to kill by the billions each year...so we can eat bacon.....as a species, we humans are an abomination to all others, and to God

With so much suffering in the world, how can we inflict or support more of it? How, in the face of such suffering, can we be anything but kind? Please put your compassion into action - please go vegan.

Thats why I´m vegan.

It's not a steak, or egg, or a carton of milk - it's a life! your bacon / ham / pork / burger / roast / beef / steak / veal / lamb / chicken / turkey / duck / eggs / milk / cream / cheese