50s merc chopped

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an old black car parked in front of a building
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an old black car is parked in front of a brick building with graffiti on it
Anybody got pics of DeRosa 's King of Mercs I & II
a purple classic car parked on the street
Wicked 51 Merc.
three different views of a black car with chrome rims and spokes on it
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Many of you have a profound love for cars. For such men, a car is vanity, pride, and ego. Even a single scratch or a dent on the vehicle is enough to induce fury, for their attachment to the vehicle is very strong. If you're among them, open your eyes, brace yourselves for the following awesome car. The Sleeper, aka the 1949 Merc 'Lead Sled', is part of the rather "unaffordable" category.