A whole cup of honey makes this chocolate cake mildly sweet and incredibly moist. Butter, in addition to vegetable oil, also helps keep the crumb soft and ...

11 Luscious Chocolate Cakes for Valentine's Day

Chocolate-Honey Ganache Layer Cake ~ The combination of natural and Dutch-processed cocoa powder, coffee, and mild honey gives this cake an incredibly moist texture and an intense, complex, and very grown-up chocolate flavor.

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Marshmallow Fun Pops- Marshmallows dipped in white & milk chocolate & then sprinkles, nuts, coconut, granola and rainbow dots! Fun idea for a baby shower treat or party favor in cute bags!

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Thanksgiving Food Fusion Art Illustrations - PSD Food illustrations: noodles illustration, noodles for lunch, , 11

What Would the Candy Crush Candies Actually TASTE Like? | Thrillist

What Would the Candy Crush Candies Actually TASTE Like?

Sugar has caused a global public health crisis and should be regulated like tobacco - Quartz

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I saw it and I just had to pin it. I think it is a combination of cookie frosting/whipped cream and chocolate chips. I know what I'm having for desert! this is a nice version of chocolate chip cookie ice cream