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the stairs are made of metal and have been painted with metallic flecks on them
How to Make Copper Stair Risers (DIY Stair Makeover)
This gorgeous copper stair riser makeover is so much simpler than it looks! No tools, beyond scissors required for this simple DIY stair riser idea. Decorative stair risers are such a simple way for big impact and these patina copper risers are modern, industrial and give so much interest!
an abstract painting on the side of a wooden structure with rusted paint and wood slats
Garage Door Sales, Repair & Install | Martin Garage Doors of Nevada
an old, rusty metal surface with some rust on the side and brown paint all over it
Cast Iron Spanish Floor and Wall Tile - BV Tile and Stone
a large rock wall with some plants growing out of the cracks in it's sides
Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop!
a black and white photo of rocks with cracks in the rock face, as seen from above
Rough Gray Rock Wall, Stone Texture Stock Photo - Image of rocky, closeup: 56719660
a pile of rocks sitting on top of a stone wall next to a fire place
Chappaquiddick — Lew French | Stone By Design
two large rocks sitting next to each other in the grass
Landscapes — Lew French | Stone By Design