~ A Country Life ~ autumn

corn fields in Fall. I love the Fall when the corn fields on our farms turn brown and the ears are golden.



Images like this inspire me so. Fields of gold Barley Field Sunset, Lymm, England

triplets <3

Triplet calves born in England. Named: George, Alexander and Louis - after the royal baby. (Ok, now I am officially obsessed with these triplet calves.

Culvers and McDonalds have taken time to #ThankaFamer for all their hard work and dedication to providing a wonderful and safe food supply,  have you?

We're celebrating National Agriculture Day with a nifty infographic. Here's 10 reasons to thank a farmer!

Besides all of the economical and carbon footprint reasons to eat locally grown, you should do it cause it just plain 'ol tastes better! Support your local farmers!

Eat Locally Grown Food

This pin supports local farmers. Local farmers who grow foods for local restaurants can be referred to as friends. Keep your friends close, and your farmers closer.

So God made a farmer..

So God made a farmer. breaks me to my core. I was the first born daughter of not just a truck driver.but I was first and foremost, the first born daughter of a farmer. Rest in peace my precious Dad.

Country Boy's World-Jason Aldean (and written by a kickass songwriter from my hometown, Sullivan gold Hein)