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Trampoline for everyone at an Accessible and Inclusive Playground in Devon, UK

In honor of the London Olympics, this week spotlighted playground is the Playpark in Devon, UK. This is an incredibly inclusive and accessible playground.

Universally designed sand play, can roll up to it, climb on it or sit on berm edge.

An accessible sandbox enables a father in a wheelchair to play with his two sons. Research Agenda : Making Healthy Places

The Liberty Swing makes the classic heart-fluttering feeling of a playground swing available to those with disabilities as accommodates all sorts of wheelchairs and also has a fold-down seat and seatbelt for users who are not in a wheelchair. Since it can take up to 550 pounds, adults can use it too

Student: in wheelchairs Environment: Playgrounds Task: Swinging Tools: This allows for students who are in wheelchairs to be able to be on the swing set and get to experience the swing sets even while in the wheelchair.