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the instructions for how to make an art project with wood and paint on canvass
Stenciling Wooden Wall Art Using A Mandala Stencil - Stencil Stories
three wooden trays with white designs on them sitting on top of a wood floor
Make Reclaimed Wood Wall Art Using Mandala Stencils – Wood Desings
four pictures of different designs and sizes of cement blocks on the grass, including one with an open box
The 11 Best DIY Garden Stepping Stones | The Eleven Best
a white table topped with a mirror next to a chair
How to make a new mirror look old - Songbird
How to make a new mirror look old and vintage. Easy DIY project. #mirror #vintage #how to #diy #craft
an altered photograph of a woman's face with leaves and flowers on the background
an old dresser is decorated with books and flowers
Antique Sideboard Buffet Makes a Comeback
an ornate white dresser with candles on top
I’ve been sort of tag teaming my custom projects and my personal ones lately. This gorgeous buffet is one I did to sell. I used a custom mix of @generalfinishes Bone and Chalk White Chalk Style Paints, sealed the top with their Top Coat in flat, and sealed the body with hemp oil. I also used my first @zibrapainting Square brush to help get good coverage on all those details! I’m so in love with all its details! ???? Be sure to slide to the right to get more views of them! Now I’m off to put the #allwhiteroom
an old dresser with some plants on top
China Cabinets/Cupboards — KATIE CLOUD HOME