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the words uno to be are in front of an image of children's pictures
The game is very similar to the classic version of UNO. But in this form, it is a great tool for practising and consolidating the forms of the verb To Be (am, is, are and was, were if necessary) in various cases and three types of sentences ( + - ?). To make a move players must make up sentences of certain types( + - ?) according to the picture, for example: (+) I am Billy’s sister. / (?) Is she a doctor? / (-) They are not in the kitchen.
a person holding a pen and pointing to a piece of paper with words on it
AT / ON / IN for locations📍
AT / ON / IN for locations📍 #englishteacher #learnontiktok #grammar
a coloring page with the words color emotions and emoticions in different colors on it
Feelings and Emotions Worksheets for Kids
make a word search worksheet for students
12 FREE EDITABLE Spelling Activities
a person pointing at a poster on the wall that says what color are you wearing today?
Alphabet Journal in Kindergarten
Practicar los colores de acuerdo al vestuario de cada uno de los chicos y chicas.
feelings posters with the words feelings in different languages and pictures on each page, which are also
a woman standing in front of a whiteboard with words on it and a jar of beads
Really Good Stuff So Sweet Positive Behavior Jar, 44 Magnets | Classroom Reward System, Classroom Tools, Magnetic For Whiteboard, Classroom Must Haves
an activity sheet with words and pictures on it
English teaching resources time games
English teaching resources time games
a house with a red roof and a maze on the floor that is in front of it