Perceive Life Differently: Oddly Lifelike Wire Sculptures

An amazing sculpture by artist Tomohiro Inaba. "Tomohiro Inaba is a young artist who finished his graduate studies in Suz.I just drew this last week!

Horse sculpture

Artist Sayaka Ganz creates beautiful animal sculptures from discarded plastic objects she finds in thrift stores. To fuel her art, Ganz collects plastic ob

Antony Gormley

Steel block sculpture, stacked and propped with an architectural approach to construction // Prop II, Antony Gormley


Stargate Fountain in Como, Cesare Cattaneo and Marco Radice, designed in built in 1960

paper sculpture

holy awesomeness : Paper sculpture by Paul Gentenaar at the townhall in The Hague

Chain Sculpture

Figurative Sculptures Made From Tightly Welded Chains. Korean artist Yeong-Deok Seo creates imposing figurative sculptures using tightly knit configurations of welded bicycle chains and industrial steel chains.

Bike chain sculpture, by Seo Young Deok

Seo Young Deok's Incredible Chain Sculptures

Seo Young Deok is a Korean artist whose dramatic sculptures made from welded bike chains are meant to share stories told through the human figure. “Seo Young Deok’s sculptures capture the anxieties of.

antony gormley

his pieces are devoted at one subject, artist concentrate on this particular theme and redoing it in different ways

BRANCUSI Sculpture

Brancusi Constantin Brancusi was a Romanian sculptor who trained initially as a carpenter and stonemason. He settled in Paris in 1904 where his early influences included African as well as oriental art.

♥ Sculpture

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