We Change, We 're AIESEC!

Chennai, India: A child reacts as coloured powder is smeared on her hair during Holi festivalPhotograph: Arun Sankar K.

We Envision, We 're AIESEC!

We Envision, We 're AIESEC!

We Believe, We 're AIESEC!

Collected here are ten photos that really capture the brilliant colors and magical essence that is India. I& always been blown away by the vibrant colors

We Explore, We 're AIESEC!

India is a land of many colourful fairs and festivals all the year round. One can plan his or her holidays coinciding with these festivals: Dates: 17 March 2014 6 March 2015 23 March 2016

We Unite, We 're AIESEC!

In London revellers throw muti-coloured paint in the air as part of the Holi Festival of Colours.

We Think, We're AIESEC!

An Indian child, face smeared with colored powder, celebrates Holi festival in Mumbai, India,