Greek recipes by KaterinalitleKitchen-Katerina Giannakopoulou

Here you will see photos of my recipes,Greek recipes and not only that I cook for you.If you want to see how to make it and the ingredients check my youtube channel and subscribe for more!Thank you!
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Banana Bread Recipe(Κεϊκ Μπανάνα)-Katerina Giannakopoulou-KaterinalitleKitchen - YouTube

Having some ripe bananas in my kitchen was an excuse to bake banana bread! My children love it and one loaf is enough only for one day!

Homemade Orange Popsicles(Γρανίτα Πορτοκάλι)-Katerina Giannakopoulou-KaterinalitleKitchen - YouTube

Hi guys! I know it is not even spring yet but since oranges are in season and my children keep asking for orange popsicles I decided to make them and show yo.

Katerina's little Kitchen – Simple and easy homemade recipes!

Katerina's little Kitchen – Simple and easy homemade recipes!

Greek Recipes

Greek Recipes

Homemade Tzatziki Recipe(Συνταγή για τζατζίκι)-Katerina Giannakopoulou-KaterinalitleKitchen - YouTube

Today I’m showing you how to make a famous Greek appetiser tzatziki! It is so simple and easy and of course tasty!

Coconut Truffles(Τρουφάκια με καρύδα)-Katerina Giannakopoulou-KaterinalitleKitchen - YouTube

I was craving something sweet and I had on hand a package of square bisquits that my son didn’t want to eat and a can of condensed milk!

KaterinalitleKitchen - YouTube Rabbit stew :

This is my recipe for rabbit stew! Enjoy it with fresh bread!

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