Samaria Gorge

Sacred place, mystagogy, timeless rebel refuge, temple of liberty! Samaria Gorge, S.

Beautiful Elafonisi beach, Crete

Take this of my bucketlist: Pink coral sand Elafonissi Crete-- we walked out to the little rock island and had breakfast at the local breakfast place overlooking the beach.

Venetian port of Chania

A fantastic luxury yoga retreat in Crete Greece at a hotel, with a private beach, delicious healthy food, and a heavenly spa!

Chania, Crete

Rethymno Photos :: Awesome street walks in the afternoon :: Rethymno, Crete - Greece

Throne of King Minos at Knossos palace, Crete, Greece. Built around 2600 BC, so its  4.600 old.

Throne Room: detail of throne. The main shrine may have been in what is now called the 'throne room' w/ the throne being used by a priest-ess rather than a King as Evans imagined. This throne is probably the oldest known throne in Europe

Samaria gorge, Crete, Greece

Home to the Greek mythological gods, Mount Olympus is the largest mountain in Greece and Mytikas is its highest peak at metres.

Wonderfully clear water at Loutro, Crete

If you need to find me, I will be on this boat.(in my dreams only but this is where I am taking myself today) Loutro, Crete island Greece