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Ωσπου τα σωθικα ν' αλυχτησουν

AS A FAN,I've become too disappointed ,was A serious turn off for such a director, dialogues way too infantile . the atmosphere and cinematography though,was gaspar noe'ish n perfect .


custom motorcycle fabrication and metal work


The Museum of Contemporary Arts of Elvas (MACE) has invited several artists to take part on the exhibition “Museum in ruins” (O Museu em ruínas) and Alexandre Farto aka Vhils and MaisMenos are two of the selected artists to be part of the collection of An

Interview with Corrine Reid

Wild Dog: Absolutely stunning work by illustrator Corinne Reid. Available to us mortals as both a print and a shirt. Reid points out that the image is inspired by the story Wild Dog from the book Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio by Pu Songling.