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a room with a brick wall and glass doors on the outside, next to a wooden floor
a large clock mounted to the side of a wall next to a window with blinds on it
two black chairs sitting in front of a table with bookshelves on each side
a living room filled with furniture and a window covered in blinds next to a table
an office with a couch, desk and large window in the room that overlooks trees
an overhead view of a kitchen and living room with wood flooring, metal railings, and open cabinets
the stairs are made of metal and wood
a coffee table sitting on wheels in front of a couch
a living room with two leather couches and a coffee table in front of it
an overhead view of a living room with leather furniture and framed pictures on the wall
a small kitchen with a ladder to the ceiling
a white sink sitting on top of a wooden counter next to a mirror and towel
a white toilet sitting in a bathroom next to a shower stall with pipes on the wall
an industrial loft with exposed brick walls and metal railings
an office with glass walls and lots of windows on the wall, in front of a large window